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There are 10 things that men don’t like about women and we have compiled a list of them below.

When you’re out with that special man of yours- make sure you follow the tips given here at Wonderslist.


Women were born with a question mark on their foreheads. In fact, my friend always asked me to curl up my hair flick in such a way that it makes a question mark.

That is the funny side of it, but seriously, women love asking questions while men hate answering them because only a few know their way around the tricky part- the confession.

Women are usually throwing a chain of questions towards the man because they want him to make a confession or they want to know something that he wants to hide. For example;

She: How was the wedding?
Man: Great
She: How did the bride look?
He: Pretty!
She: What colour was she wearing?
He: Didn’t you see? White!

She: Oh, so you were gawking at the bride all the time which is why you know she was wearing white?

And it won’t end here!



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