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There is hardly any race in the world which does not celebrate festivals. And, all these events are usually observed with great respect and enthusiasm. However, you will come across several festivals around the globe which are associated with perils and hazards.

In case you would like to get your blood pumping then go through the following paragraphs where we have discussed the top 10 most dangerous festivals across the globe. Following is the list of ten most dangerous but scary festivals in the world.

10The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Contest – England

This contest is being held in Gloucester in England every year. It has seen numerous men and women participating in it.

A big round circle of cheese is being rolled down the steep slopes of the Cooper’s Hill and the participants have to tumble down the slopes in order to grab it.

Whoever gets it first will be declared the winner.

However, given that the slope of the hill is almost vertical, there’s been a huge number of injuries till date while participating in the contest.



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