This Is The New Smart Way Google Is Using DeepMind's AI Tech

This Is The New Smart Way Google Is Using DeepMind’s AI Tech

Google has integrated software created by London research hub DeepMind to its virtual assistant in a move that makes the £400 million acquisition of DeepMind a bit more beneficial. Since being bought in 2014, DeepMind has completed a tremendous measure of research in the field of artificial intelligence however its greater part...
Oracle cloud services artificial intelligence

Oracle Adds Artificial Intelligence Development Service To Its Platform Services

Oracle came late to the cloud business with Oracle cloud services and it's been trying to catch up to speed ever since and endeavoring to include an extensive variety of services that clients will be requesting from a cloud service provider. Keeping that in mind, the organization included artificial intelligence as...
Google event and artificial intelligence

All Of Google’s New Gadgets Comes Packed With Artificial Intelligence

Google's launch of new devices which includes smartphones, smartspeakers and a host of other gadgets had every one of the feel of an ordinary innovation product launch: a groveling crowd of fans, writers, smooth product videos, not really unpretentious hits the opposition, and excessively romanticized depictions of design decisions,...
deepmind and Artificial intelligence

Google’s DeepMind Sets Up Research Team To Study Artificial Intelligence Ethics

Google's Artificial Intelligence subsidiary DeepMind is quitting any and all funny business about ethics. today reported the setting up of a new research crew devoted to the thorniest issues in Artificial Intelligence. These incorporate the issues of overseeing Artificial Intelligence inclinations; the economic effect of automation; and the need to guarantee...

Facebook Set To Rival Apple With Its Own Facial Recognition Software

Facebook has its own form of Apple's Face ID. In the event that you get locked out of your Facebook account, facebook is trying an approach to regain access by utilizing your face to identify you. That could be particularly valuable in case you're some place that you can't...

How Apple Acquired Computer Vision Startup “Regaind” Silently

TechCrunch has discovered that Apple has bought a little French startup called Regaind, as indicated by various sources. As usual, Apple is calm with regards to acquisitions, yet it's continually fascinating to take in more about Apple's interests. TechCrunch contacted Apple and the organization sent us the accompanying proclamation: "Apple...

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